A2 Hosting Review 2019

A2 Hosting Review 2019

Best​​​​ Response Time – 172ms

The fast, faster, and fastest web hosting I ever tested.

Right from the ​beginning, when I started testing A2 Hosting with the help of demo site, ​the response time is always ahead of ​competitors.

Just check the historical Response time and it’s just incredible.

You would think that such performance is only limited to dedicated or VPS hosting. Amazingly, even their low-priced shared hosting packages are just as fast.

Based on our hosting reviews, only few host comes close to that value, and we are proud to say A2 Hosting provides the fast loading WordPress websites.

My demo site is not optimized for Turbo servers (they act 20X faster than normal), I can’t imagine the site loading speed at turbo servers. However, I have decided to test A2 Hosting turbo servers in future.

 A2 Uptime – 99.98% (Finest)

One of the reasons for their surge of popularity is their incredible uptime. You should not believe a company that tells you they can deliver 100% uptime. So I decided to check their uptime and launched a demo site on a2 hosting servers and started our test.

I kept monitoring demo sites for every 60 seconds ​and to build more trust to our reviews, you can check historical ​data using this link.

Customer support

I never seen A2 hosting customer support executive hurry in closing a ticket either via ticket or chat. They are polite to solve the issue and sometimes if their support queue is full, they inform me like

“I’m currently handling multiple customers via chat. Your patience is much appreciated. Thank you.”

I get connected to chat support within 10-15 seconds round the clock. Their support people are the native US based, and A2 hosting is not outsourcing it.

A2 Hosting India Reviews 2019 4

All their support come with 24/7/365 tech support. They can be reached by phone, email, or chat. Their excellent customer support has even earned them an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Localized Payment Gateways

Apart from the above features, I consider localized payment is a great thing with A2 Hosting. The problem with developing countries like Brazil,Argentina, India and few more to say, the credit card penetration is low and PayPal has limitation across those countries.

Since most good companies allows only payment through Credit card and PayPal, people end up buying hosting from local tier2 hosting companies where the service will be poor.

Anytime Money Back Guarantee

A2 Hosting offers two ways refund system. If you can cancel your account within first 30 days you’ll get a full refund and if you still wish to cancel the hosting plan, you’ll get prorated refund amount.

Cool right?

Though it won’t happen (cancelling of account) since A2 Hosting is the one of the few companies to offers best uptime and speed, you won’t get a reason to leave them.


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